Finding Value in Versatility

Scientists have long harnessed biology to drive innovation, but the biotechnology industry we know today spans everything from wearable technologies to stem cell research.

In fact, biotech experts address human health issues at all levels of health care – from the IT systems employed to manage electronic health records, to statistical analyses to curb disease spread, to computer programming applications for understanding and analyzing biological data.

On the public health front, biotechnology companies have focused on developing targeted therapies and personalized treatments. These acknowledge and take into account that a patient’s genetics can play a role in how they respond to certain medicines or cancer drugs. Biotechnology professionals are also at the forefront of accelerating research that can slow or cure cancers.

Dr. Robert Scharpf is co-founder and Head of Data Sciences at Delfi Diagnostics, a Baltimore-based company committed to developing high-performing, affordable blood tests for early detection of cancer across multiple tumor types. Leveraging recent advances in cancer biology and machine learning, Delfi’s technology utilizes low-cost, widely available sequencing technology. According to the company’s website, cell-free DNA fragments in the bloodstream carry many clues about whether a person may have early stage cancer. By looking at the entire genome, Delfi can detect minute changes in these fragments. And, by applying advanced machine-learning methods, Delfi’s technology can accurately detect cancer from cell-free DNA fragments and determine where in the body the tumor has grown.

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