UMD to Host Free Webinar: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Human Health

The University of Maryland invites you to attend a free webinar, Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Human Health, on Friday, March 19th, at 12 p.m. ET. This event will feature a fireside chat-style conversation with Dr. Robert Scharpf (Delfi Diagnostics) and Dr. Christie Bergerson (Exponent). Drs. Scharpf and Bergerson will discuss how machine learning and artificial intelligence are impacting biomedical engineering and the wider world of human health.

Believe it or not, artificial intelligence and machine learning are shaping health care decisions every day. Advances in these technologies have revolutionized cancer and disease detection, charted new pathways for treatments, and enabled new methods to track and forecast disease spread.

Biomedical engineers, data scientists, and computer programmers are using these and other cutting-edge biotech platforms to found solutions to the world’s most pressing health challenges.

Recognizing this, the University of Maryland’s Biocomputational Engineering degree program is proud to host a free virtual webinar featuring experts who are working at the nexus of biotech and human health.

On Friday, March 19th, from 12 – 1 p.m. ET, we’ll welcome three esteemed experts who will engage in a candid discussion about how the latest trends in AI and machine learning could spell new opportunities – and challenges – to the future of health care.  Register for the webinar today!

Rich Bendis, President and CEO of BioHealth Innovation, Inc., and host of the BioTalk podcast series, will lead us in a conversation with Dr. Robert Scharpf, Co-Founder and Head of Data Science at Delfi Diagnostics, and Dr. Christie Bergerson, Manager, Biomedical Engineering & Sciences at Exponent

In addition to his role with Delfi Diagnostics, Dr. Robert Scharpf is an Associate Professor of Oncology and Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University.  His primary interests include Bayesian hierarchical models, machine learning approaches for prediction, and multi-study inference from high-throughput platforms in cancer genomics. Applications of these approaches include the use of liquid biopsies for the early detection of cancer.

Dr. Christie Bergerson has a wide range of expertise including in vitro diagnostics, artificial intelligence in health care, and orthopedic medical devices. She also has experience preparing applications and performing gap analyses for FDA, WHO, and IVDR submissions, both on the hardware and the software side. Dr. Bergerson is also knowledgeable of Software as a Medical Device regulations as well as the process for verification and validation of artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithms for submission to the FDA.

After the webinar, participants will have a unique opportunity to join us for one of three free 20-minute add-on events:

  • A virtual Meet and Greet with Drs. Scharpf and Bergerson,
  • an open discussion on Careers at the Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology, featuring Rich Bendis,
  • or an information session on the University of Maryland’s Biocomputational Engineering bachelor’s degree program – which will include tips for applying for Fall 2021 enrollment!

Each of these free add-on sessions will offer a chance to network with fellow attendees and additional guest speakers, including industry representatives and University of Maryland faculty. 

All are welcome to attend the webinar and/or add-on events, but space is limited! 

Reserve your spot – Register for the Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in  Human Health webinar today!

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